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So, a little about myself...


I'm a designer, maker and creator of spaces, objects and artworks. I work from my home studio in Adelaide while also juggling a busy family life. Art, design and making has always been at the core of what I do, whether for an interior, graphic, or textile project. The combination of all of these disciplines brings a real hands on and well considered multi dimensional approach to all facets of my work.


Twenty plus years in the design industry has gifted me the time to hone my craft across a number of design disciplines. Starting out in Graphic Design, then expanding into Interior Architecture, with further exploration into Textile Art.

Qualifications : B Int Arch, Ad Dip VisComm Des


Design, Documentation, Specification, Spatial Planning, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail



Textile Art, Object Design


Branding, Identity Design, Environmental Graphics


I currently hold a full professional membership with the DIA (Design Institute of Australia), and in practicing design adhere to the Ethical Standards and Code of Professional Conduct set out by the DIA.


Email: jaq@jaquiehagan.com

Mobile: 0412 332 164

Studio: 08 7071 1142